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A selection of original songs written and performed by Terry in the 1970s and 80s.
© Terry Dowling. All Rights Reserved.

Selected Songs, © 1974

Glencoe, The Lure of Legendary Ladies, Ithaca, Bermudas, The Blue Marlin Whore, Gantry Jack - Performed by Doug Ashdown, Kirk Lorange, Greg Lyon, Wayne Findlay, Doug Bligh, Terry Dowling, 1977
Minotaur, Mr Fate & Mr Danger, Going to Alaska-California (rehearsal 1975) - Performed by Gestalt: Geoff Pollard, Jeff Longhurst, Christine O’Connor, Terry Dowling, 1975

Gantry Jack (video fragment, 1977)

Selected Songs, © 1974-1977

Performed by Geoff Pollard, Chris Martin, TD and others, 1977. “Fancy Meeting You” was engineered by Jeff Branch and features Jim Astley on lead and rhythm guitar, Peter Astley on bass, and TD on acoustic.

Selected Songs, © 1974-1979

Selected Songs, © 1974

Out Beyond the Lights (Video Fragment)
Terry joins Greg Thompson for an impromptu rendition of Terry’s song “Out Beyond the Lights” at PACT’s anniversary bash, Saturday 18 October 2014. (Thanks to Megan Casey)



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